Seasonally curated vintage collections surrounding myth, mystics, and the matriarchy. For the collector and the non alike, appreciate the nostalgia of antiquated items, the beauty in fragmented history. We invite you to time travel. Transport yourself to a different era, another lifetime. Through portals of hand-selected garments, accessories, home goods and art, we explore mystical themes throughout culture. Myths of the Ancient world, mysteries of Medieval times, the magic of the Renaissance, Occultism of the Fin-de-Siècle, the Alchemy of spiritual Surrealists, Trancendentalists of early America, and so on. Artemis Archive is an investigation of our ancestors, their creativity and connection to Source. 


We believe in the promotion of a circular economy through the second-hand industry. We view clothing as a form of costume, an extension of self-expression. We divulge stories and artisans of the past in hopes to spark creativity and inspire craftsmanship. Above all, we value community in the physical, virtual, and astral realms. 


Alimentari Flaneur

In-Store and Online

The Market Line at 115 Delancey Street New York, NY 


Morgan Vickery

Founder, Stylist & Curator

Madison Vickery

Artemis Musique DJ, Atlantic Records A&R